Summary: HCL for ethernet PCI on sparc platform

From: Kent Hundley <>
Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 16:11:50 EST
Thanks to everyone that responded.  Special thanks to John Sullivan for the
detail.  The skinny of it is that there is a very short list of non-Sun PCI
ethernet cards that are approved and/or known to work.  The list is as
I shopped around on ebay and couldn't find antares or entradanet cards, but
there seem to be a few znyx cards that show up.  I was able to pick a a quad
FE for under a $100, YMMV.  Most Sun cards that I have seen are much more
than this.  If you shop for one of these cards, be careful on the model,
some of the older Znyx don't have drivers for the newer versions of Solaris.
Another helpful url is:
It has a HCL for sparc hardware, but the only ethernet PCI listed is

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Subject: HCL for ethernet PCI on sparc platform

I am looking for a Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for PCI ethernet cards
on a Sparc Ultra 5 platform.  I have been able to find such a list for x86,
but not for sparc.  I know that sun has PCI ethernet cards, but they seem
very pricey (>$100) compared to generic PCI ethernet cards from Linksys,
netgear, SMC, etc.  I have searched around quite a bit and all I've found so
far that are supposed to work are cards from Znyx.  Are there other cards
that are known to work?
Thanks for any help,
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