summary:alt.boot disk

From: roy albin <>
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 08:41:47 EST
Thanks for all the responses..i found out that there
is no alt.boot disk (as all the disks allotted are
used) and coming to mirror I found it by looking at
veritas volumescouple of people suggested to use

Muhammad mughal
Rick francis
Steve hastings

Here is the response from steve.

The way it works is like this:

1. You set  the prom settings nvramrc and boot-device

2. Type eeprom and check the following


This sets the name of the disk to boot  the sequence
is determines
priority.  vx-rootmirror is the primary boot disk,
followed by vx-root
mirror, if you want to boot to the other devices you
can use them as an
argument for the boot command ie. >ok boot

boot-device=vx-rootmirror,vx-rootdisk, net

Here you set the name listed in boot-device and
declare the hardware 
to the device

nvramrc=devalias vx-rootdisk
devalias vx-rootmirror /dev/specific/hardwarepath

if your devices are set as devalias, in the nvramrc
then changing the
boot-device=vx-rootdisk, vx-rootmirror, net
to boot-device=vx-rootmirror,vx-rootdisk, net
would bring the server up on the rootmirror
automatically in this case.

my original post


This might be a simple question for you all,but am
having difficulty in finding out the alternate boot
disk and mirrored disk on one of my server..the guy
who configured the system left and there is no
documentation on this...i checked with eeprom but
didn't find any information....

i'll summarize
in adnavce
roy (beginner)

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