SUMMARY: Ultra5 / m64config / depth 24

From: Pavlo Baron <>
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 05:50:59 EST
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Tony Walsh <Tony.Walsh@Sun.COM>
Mortensen, Henrik <>

my org. issue was:

was looking for a way to switch my frame buffer (Ultra5) to depth 24 using
something like:

m64config -res 1280x1024x85 -depth 24

but it fails saying I haven't enough memory for depth 24! I found some
descriptions on the web containig steps for switching into the desired mode
but they all fail - I even can't switch to depth 24 at all - only having
800x600 resolution!
What's the problem? Are those docus like
_video.html incorrect?

I seem to have a very old machine with a very old on-board graphic. Look at
what people who have replied wrote - there are very exact infos.

Tony wrote:

Thare are four different parts used for motherboards in the Ultra 5/10 range
as in the following table. The oldest board being PN 375-0009 only has 2MB
video memory on it. The other three boards each have 4MB video on board. The
maximum resolution you can get from these boards with 4Mb video RAM is
1152x900@76Mhz at 24 bits depth. If you happen to have the 375-0009
then you are limited to no more than 800x600@60Mhz to get 24 bit depth, but
even then you will see other problems with colour when that is the case. The
best solution to your colour depth problem is to install a PGX64 PCI video
card into the machine and use that as your main output device.

------- --------
None 375-0009
PGX24           375-0066
PGX24           375-0079
SR PGX24        375-0066
SR PGX24        375-0079
SERIES 3        375-0079
B SERIES 3      375-0115
C SERIES 3      375-0079
BC SERIES 3     375-0115
BCD SERIES 3    375-0115

Henrik wrote:

the old 270MHz U5s had pgx8 cards instead of pgx24; it will say on
a label on the case if you have pgx24.  As far as I remember, pgx24
hasn't got enough RAM to do 1280x1024x24 (3.8MB) anyway.

Pavlo Baron
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