SUMMARY: Ultra5 / m64config / depth 24

From: Pavlo Baron <>
Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 03:37:13 EST
Thanks to all who replied (and those who will reply after I post this

Todd M. Wilkinson
Alejandro Vega
Michael Vang
Sean Berry
Tony Jenesss
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Tony Tran
David Levy
Paul Richards

my original message:

was looking for a way to switch my frame buffer (Ultra5) to depth 24 using
something like:

m64config -res 1280x1024x85 -depth 24

but it fails saying I haven't enough memory for depth 24! I found some
descriptions on the web containig steps for switching into the desired mode
but they all fail - I even can't switch to depth 24 at all - only having
800x600 resolution!
What's the problem? Are those docus like
_video.html incorrect?

well, it seems to me, I' ve really got a very old Ultra5 - I even can't set
up 1024x786 with depth 24. You know, I've got a 21" Monitor and it would be
a bad joke driving it with 800x600 (or anything below 1280x1024 - for my
eyes), so I stay by depth 8.
There were some suggestions to buy a PGX32 card or even to get a newer
The frame buffer FAQs can be found at

Well, an older Ultra5 ca be driven with maximum 800x600 using the depth 24

Pavlo Baron
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