SUMMARY: pro's & con'c of SDS vs. Veritas

From: ritesh patel <>
Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 12:17:44 EST
The following mail has the link (referred to others) plus a little more 
info.....Thanks to all who replied.....

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>Subject: RE: pro's & con'c of SDS vs. Veritas
>Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 07:52:11 -0800
>Here is the summary from when I asked this question:
>Thanks to:
>John Martinez, Nathan Dietsch, Peter Duncan, Oliver Masse, Todd Fiedler,
>Darren Dunham, Kevin Buterbaugh, Vipin Sharma, Karki Prabhat
>The consensus was that Volume Manager was better suited to large
>environments because of the functionality.  The more complex the server
>(many disks, SAN attached, dynamic configuration) the better off you are
>using Volume Manager.  Darren Dunham presented this list in favor of VM:
>1) VxVM autoformats disks.  No need to apply your own slicing.
>2) VM handles the state database automatically.  No metadb commands.
>3) VM works independent of the numbering of the disks.  If the
>    controller or target numbers of the disks change between boots, VM
>    will still find the disks. SDS will break.
>4) VM can easily "deport/import" groups of disks with no other
>    information.  So you can move a tray of disks to a new machine, issue
>    a "import" command and the disks are available to the machine in the
>    old configuration.
>5) (big one).  Disks and disk objects are "named" in VM.  In SDS, you
>    use d# for metadevices.  Keeping track of the difference between d27
>    and d34 can be more difficult than if they had explicit names.
>Kevin Buterbaugh and Peter Duncan have used Disk Suite exclusively and with
>great success.
>The two negatives cited for Volume Manager were the cost and the quality of
>the documentation.
>This link provides a useful (if slightly outdated) comparison of the
>Thank you to everyone for your fast responses.
>Original Post:
>Is anyone using Disk Suite on larger servers or is Veritas Volume Manager
>better suited to servers with high numbers of disks to manage? I have heard
>that Disk Suite's niche is servers with fewer disks or mirroring just the
>root disk.  Thanks.
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>Subject: pro's & con'c of SDS vs. Veritas
>I need to put in writing to justify using Veritas.Anyone have
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