SUMMARY (addition): Graphic performance reporting/logging tool

From: Goosens, Oscar <>
Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 07:55:59 EST
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After my first summary I received replies of three gentlemen who missed the
orca tool in the summary.
orca can be found at
It is a web based performance tool, it logs and is free.

My thanks go to
Jayme Cox
Stephen Kelly
Mark Rowlands

regards oscar

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From: Goosens, Oscar 
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Subject: SUMMARY: Graphic performance reporting/logging tool

Original question below

Consensus seems to be that no easily implemented web based performance
reporting/logging tools exist,
at least not free ones. Two commercial products were suggested.

Thanks go to:	

nhunt@lehman.COM: No freely available tools, uses combination of sar and
gnuplot, not easily implemented, but can 			work
Jimmy de Laet: 	Suggests gnuplot, recalls an article in Linux Journal about
setting up sar/gnuplot under Linux. 
		   	Article is at
Pat Winn: 		Suggest sar, cgi scripts, gnuplot.
Nick Hindley: 	Uses sarge, but feels it is limited and suggests rmtg 
Kent Perrier: 	Suggests mrtg, notes that required functionality does not
come ou of the box.
David Bader: 	Suggests both Vantage Point and Glance Plus. 
Micheal Connoly: 	Suggests proctool. 
Ivan Kovalev: 	suggest SE 
Derrick Daugherty:Suggets mrtg, cricket/rrd tool. He sends the following
			Previous summary:
			setting up snmp to report all of that stuff

Boss: 		Keeps on his site a comprehensive list of all sorts of
software that you would need:, click on third
party software
Tristan Ball: 	Suggests sar and mrtg

Thanks again for your replies
regards oscar

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From: Goosens, Oscar 
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Subject: Graphic performance reporting/logging tool

Hello all,
I know this subject comes up quite often, but until now I havent found much
useful stuff and now I really need it: Is there a performance reporting
tool, that will display graphs about CPU, I/O, mem stats etc., accessible
with a web browser? I appreciate both commercial and freeware suggestions.
Key here is quick implementation of basic functionality, as long as I can
show some pictures and graphs to management.  
Oscar Goosens

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