SUMMARY2: Moving A Complete System To An Other Machine

From: Pavlo Baron <>
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 13:22:58 EST
hi, falks!

yesterday, possibly I posted my SUMMARY to fast. Another guys posted some
good infos and I list them here for everybody to participate this knowledge.

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is it possible to move a hard disk with a completely installed Solaris2.8
from one U5-SPARC-machine to an other which is absolutely identical
(identical hardware)?
Is there something i must re-configure before or after such action? All
system and network settings would be the same, but would Solaris2.8
re-configure itself automatically from the hardware-ids and so on?

A big THANK-YOU to all who posted some comments:

Someone (oh, I'm sorry, I have deleted your message so please write again -
I'll place your name to the THANK-YOU-list!) wrote, one possible way is to
swap the chips.

Riddoch, John E SITI-ITDSEP3 <>

Should be fine, but do a boot -r to be safe <>:

(commenting on SUMMARY1)

/Bill's way seems to be the hard one and it's surely perfect if you want to
/clone a system:
/ufsdump each partition on original machine to tape.
/boot new machine from CD-ROM.
/partition disks in new machine like the original.
/ufsrestore each partition to new machine.
/use "installboot" to install boot block.
/Note: the new machine will have same IP, etc
/as old machine so you should do a "sys-unconfig"
/to reset these.

This will work fine.  We have done it loads of times.  I have attached an
internal working document which may be useful to you.  This gets around the
problems of having to have all I/O cards in exact same slots etc.  Works

David Foster <>:

I'd recommend doing a sys-unconfig so that the new system
will re-identify itself (unless you want it to have the identity
of the old system).

Also, you may need to do a reconfigure reboot if there are any
different/new devices (frame buffer etc.) attached.

Scott Weil <>:

one thing that may help is to swap the
nvram chip along with the hard drive.  This will transfer the host id so
that your licensed software will work with the new machine.

There is a really good faq on nvram at:

Glass, David (UDB) <>:

Don't know about 5s but I have moved disks between Ultra60s, even taken
fully configured system/nis/jumpstart server system disks from one country
to another to do a new network installation. Put it in the new machine. Hey
presto, new jumpstart server ready to go.



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