SUMMARY: Apache/Oracle question

From: Jordi Vidal <>
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 10:27:08 EST

Thanks to Yura Pismerov who point me to the "HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR"
header of squid.

[Gracies tambi Agustin i Roger ;-)]

It can be done with apaches. I've find to available modules that solves
my problem.

mod_proxy_add_forward for the "front-end" apache. It adds the
"HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR <client ip address>" to the request. Use
with normal mod_proxy operation (ProxyPass / ProxyPassReverse ...)

mod_extract_forwarded for the "back-end" apache (ias). It extracts
the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR variable and puts it in the $REMOTE_ADDRESS.
Need directives. "AddForwarderFor all" or the like.

Modules compiles and installs fine with apxs. (Need mod_so built in

So, the ias's logs (in a private ip) records the client ips, not
the apache-proxy one, and can be inserted in oracle tables.


> Hi
> A bit offtoppic question, but time critical for me.
> I have to put an apache (ias) in a intranet (192.168.x.x) machine and
> a public apache in a public one. Requests to the public apache will be
> forwarded to internal one (ias) who needs the client (user) ip to proceed
> via apache environement variables ($REMOTE_ADDRESS) to fill a Oracle
> table.
> How can I pass the client ip to the internal Apache? I used de
> mod_proxy in the external server but the logged ip in the internal server
> was the ip of the external, not the ip of the client.
> Anyone has built something like this?

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