SUMMARY: Solaris, VPN and WAN

From: CIC Line <>
Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 - 16:08:05 EST
Two general questions about WAN and VPN?
1) What are the good VPN implementations and tools for Solaris 8? Is 
SunScreen Lite? Anything else?
2) What are the judgments for a company to continue using traditional WAN 
techniques such as Remote Access Server-type systems, RADIUS, PPP, etc. when 
PN is available today?

Mike Peppard:
Just my thoughts. 1) I would look into hardware VPN. That's what I use. 2) 
RAS (with whatever transport and authentication you like) is fine for those 
who need to get into the system when an ISP isn't available such as a motel 
in smallville or with some ISP's, such as AOL that randomly block ports, or 
those who look for esp traffic because it breaks the service agreement such 
as @home. This is for Executives and Salespersons here though. When you have 
a fixed IP on both sides a VPN is best (faster anyway). Having hardware 
encryption takes the load off the system so you can run higher level 
encryption with less speed penalties.

Mike's List:
1) IP Filter
2) What you trust another company to handle your most important transaction? 
*hm* let's see, can the VPN provider snoops traffic? can the VPN provider 
assure absolute security with your data? so to answer your question, is yes, 
radius/ppp/etc. is still very alive...and continues to be for those that are 
absolute paranoid regarding security, and yes you should be paranoid ;)

VPN cost's a LOT LOT LOT less but is generally less secure ( my opinion ). 
SunScreen Lite is a firewall, not a VPN. VPN is built into Solaris 8. Go to and type Solaris 8 VPN on the search field to look for 
info regarding setting up Solaris 8 VPN.

My Note:
SunScreen does have VPN function. Most of the major firewalls today provide 
VPN features. By searching VPN in, most of the stuff you get 
are from SunScreen. Don't know if VPN is bundled into Solaris 8 - Doubt it. 
Please answer novices' questions seriously :~)

Michael Lee

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