SUMMARY: SunRay1 Xsession to Linux Box - Keyboard map oddity

From: Tim Chipman <>
Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 17:18:01 EST
Many thanks to those who replied (Dan  Stefan Molnar, and
Justin Stringfellow). The precise answer to my dilemma was best
expressed thus by Dan Astoorian:

...This is probably a difference in X keycodes between the Sun X server
and XFree86.  Read the man page for xmodmap.  Use "xev" to find out what
keycodes/keysyms are generated from the Sun Ray's X server, and use
xmodmap to adjust them....

It was also suggested that I should maybe consider logging into my
solaris box ; then telnetting (ssh'ing) into the linux box ; setting my
display environment variable back to the sunray server and having x-apps
direct their stuff to my screen that way.

In my case, I added the following line to the /etc/bashrc file on the
linux box, and now shells & apps have the key mapped correctly. Huzzah.
the most elegant but it works).

xmodmap -e "keycode 22=0x6c"

Again, many thanks for the help. Greatly appreciated.

--Tim Chipman


Hi all,

a somewhat odd sounding question but rather frustrating. I suspect there
may be a straightforward solution, but as always I cannot find such a

I can connect from a SunRay1 workstation directly to a "remote host"
other than the sun ray server itself. Recently I noticed that I can
actually connect directly to a test linux box on the same subnet
(Mandrake 7.2, a redhat derivative).

The session starts up perfectly and looks 100% normal (KDE, Gnome,xfce,
whatever desktop/window manager I use) . Things behave perfectly with
the ONE exception that the "l" (i.e., the "L") key appears to generate
the same charcter as the "Del" key - ie - it backspaces over the
previous character.

All other keys on my SunRay Keyboard (Type6 USB, according to the label)
work fine.

If I do a regular telnet session into the linux box (rather than a
direct X session) I have no problems with any key mapping.

I'm curious if there is anything I can do to fix this single key
mapping.  It sounds minor but makes it rather difficult to operate in
that environment.  (I've done searching on the net via google & in the
sunmanagers archive, to no avail.)

I don't work a lot on the linux box, but having the option to do so
directly is very appealing for those times when I must do so..

I'll summarize when this is all cleared up.

Thanks very much!

--Tim Chipman
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