SUMMARY: Very Slow Login

From: Don Mies <>
Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 17:08:21 EST
Thanks to all those that responded so quickly to my
question.  The answer is that our DNS server was messed
up.  That was the response from most of the people that
sent email.  There were a few however that gave alternate
things to check.  Most notably, the /usr/sbin/quota command
in the /etc/.login file.

Thanks to:

Tim Chipman
Alan Clegg
Michael Connolly
Steve Dubinskiy
Darren Dunham
Tim Evans
Jerry Gidcumb
Dirk-Willem van Gulik
Steve Hastings
Paul Hybert
Jonathan Jackson
Roger Leonard
Aaron M. Hirsch
Ryan McEwan
Peter Ondruska
Yura Pismerov
Robert Reynolds
Steve Sandau
Frank Smith
Jordi Vidal

Original Question:

I have a Netra X1 in our system that has been working fine with
Solaris 8.  It is a standard "out of the box" configuration with
nothing extra installed on it.

For some reason, after changing the IP address of the system
several times, it has started taking an extremely long time to
log users in.

When I attempt to "rlogin" to the system (telnet works the same way),
it prompts for the password and when I type <cr>, it immediately
prints out the last login information message and then sits there
idle for about 45 seconds before giving me the prompt.

After login, eveything works fine and response is normal.

I've tried renaming the user's ".profile" file (he is running the
borne shell) and ".login" file.  I have also tried renaming the
files in /etc/skel.  None of that made any difference.

I'm guessing that the system is doing some sort of network access
and getting a timeout but I have no idea where to begin to look.

Any ideas?
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