SUMMARY: Mounting Solaris UFS from Windows - Samba

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Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 16:08:04 EST
Hi Dave,
A nice summary.
If you put the keyword 'samba' into your subject line, this summary would be 
much easier for users to search in the SunManage Archives. In addition, 
Samba can be used by Solaris 2x to 8, so I get rid of the 8.

>From: "Dave Warchol" <>
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>Subject: SUMMARY:  Mounting Solaris 8 UFS from Windows
>Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 08:06:21 -0500
>Thanks to the many [zillion] that responded:
>Michael Connolly
>Erwin Fritz
>Patrick O'Brien
>Tony Tran
>David Foster
>Steve Sandau
>David Baldwin
>Nate Itkin
>Yra Pismerov
>Deependra Srivastava
>Gary Richardson
>Jim Southerd
>Brian Kerr
>Myke Fisher
>Dave Grant
>Tim Chipman
>Olivier Masse
>Ric Anderson
>IIhan Narli
>Jay Lessert
>Alex Kruchkoff
>Rob Helmer
>Don Mies
>Mike Marcell
>Michael Sullivan
>Jason Wood
>John Riddoch
>Bertrand Hutin
>Adam Kirby, and,
>Surender Dinkar
>And the winners are......
>Samba, Samba, and Samba
>   Comments indicated that it was solid, many indicated that 
>had been running it for years with no problems.  If you wanted support, you
>could also get a copy from Veritas.  It can also be found at
>Other Links
> (Benoit Gerrienne)
>Mailing List:
>Other folks indicated that they are also running it on Linux and FreeBSD 
>no problem).
>As far as security:
>If you use unencrypted passwords (requires a registry entry on Windows
>98) the username and password are the regular Unix username and
>In win98 you need to enable plain text password for it to  work .
>The general security scheme is the same (for PC-NFS, Samba and TotalNet):
>assuming PC user "username"  exists on the solaris box with an identical
>username, then file permissions, access, etc are all mapped directly.
>Samba allows you to set default masks on a per-share basis for what
>permissions to assign to files created from scratch via the PC (ie, RWX
>or rwx-r--r-- .. or ... whatever..). I believe totalnet allows you to do
>something similar but I forget if it was as easy to specify.
>Other Comments
>Use Samba, works great, a better NT server than NT.
>You can even run the password server for the Windows network on
>UNIX if you like, although it's not required. We run it here so
>developers can get to their home directories through Windows Explorer,
>works great.
>Rock solid reliable (I've _never_ seen it crash!) and generally pretty 
>(there have been maybe
>3-4 security flaws that I can remember in the last 3-4 years, all plugged
>fairly quickly).  It uses the Unix file permissions for determining access,
>as you seem to require.
>note that none of these solutions (PC-NFS, Samba and TotalNet) provide 
>level" access to ufs
>filesystems, but rather file-level access.
>Other Products Suggested
>TAS - $$$ (but a very good product)
>Microsoft sells unix services for windows, even includes telnet services
>TO the win machine.
>PC-NFS (payware) - allows you to mount NFS shares under windows
>TotalNet (payware) - same as samba, also supports Macintosh & Novell
>Sun also has their own product called PC Net Link, or something similar. I
>think that is free also.
>commercial : Windows NFS packages, for instance I use 'On net ' from FTP
>software. There are many others.
>Also, for Macs, you can use Helios Ethershare.
>Thanks again,
>===================================== Original Post
>Hello Everyone:
>          One of our users would like to be able to access r/w select UFS
>filesystems on his SUN Solaris 8 servers from his Windows 98 desktops.
>Preserving the existing Solaris security scheme from the PCs is important.
>root access would not be permitted from Windows.  I'd like to hear about 
>products folks are using (for fee or freeware).  I will summarize.
>Thanks much,
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