SUMMARY: Integratus UHA vs. Veritas VCS

From: <>
Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 18:15:48 EST
I only got a few responses on this, but not too many. Sounds like not too
many people are using Integratus UHA out there?  The folks that I did talk
to, for the most part, had nice things to say, in that Integratus is much
easier to configure and maintain then VCS.  When all is said and done both
products, UHA and VCS, will meet our needs.

I also had a few mentions of other vendors, but since we're really only
looking at Integratus and Veritas right now, and only for Solaris, I'm
really only focusing on those two products.


Anybody using, or have any experience with Integratus UHA?    We're
currently using VCS 1.3 on our Sun E4500s.

I'd appreciate any comments on Integratus UHA and the Integratus Support,
and if anybody can give me a comparison between UHA and VCS, good or bad
either way, that would be great.

Will summarize responses.



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