SUMMARY: Solaris 8 and mnttab

From: Jeff Kennedy <>
Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 14:53:10 EST
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Michael Connolly	Steve Mickeler
Richard Felkins		Frank Huang
Richard Lacroix		Jay Lessert

The -f option in 8 is now a reality.  This forces an unmount of the
filesystem no matter what processes are using it.  VERY COOL!  And about
time....thanks Sun.

It was also suggested that fuser and kill to rid the filesystem of all
used processes but I have found that this does not always work.  I can
run fuser -c on a fs and have it return nothing but still not be able to
unmount it.  And fuser -k does not really work.


Jeff Kennedy wrote:
> OK, so here's a nasty little change in Solaris 8.  It used to be that if
> you got stale NFS file handles pre-8, you could edit mnttab and remove
> the offending mount, then kick automount and be back in business; no
> reboot required.  However, in 8 the mnttab is run in tmpfs space and is
> not editable.  Anyone have answers to fixing stale mounts without a
> reboot now that mnttab is no longer editable?  Also, anyone got answers
> as to *why* mnttab is no longer editable?
> Thanks.

Jeff Kennedy
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