SUMMARY: DHCP Macros for Jumpstart

From: Alan Miller (QED) <>
Date: Thu Nov 22 2001 - 03:55:19 EST
Thank you: Dave Miner, Darren Dunham, and Tom Crummey for your help.

Apparently, using a Solaris 8 kernel & miniroot via Jumpstart
to install Solaris 2.6 isn't supported.

Since I'll primarily be installing Solaris 8 clients 
(only need to install 2.6 in special circumstances)
I've opted to use a flash archives for 2.6 clients.

Very briefly as follows:
  1.) Copy /usr/sbin/flar* from a Solaris8 machine to a 2.6 client.
  2.) On 2.6 client create a flash image with:
        ./flarcreate -n Solaris-26-Base sol26.img
  3.) Copy the archive (630 MB) to the jumpstart server
  4.) Add specific entry for host in the jumpstart rules file.
        hostname 26client script/ profs/ script/
  5.) The looks like this:
        install_type       flash_install
        archive_location   nfs
        partitioning       explicit
        filesys            any 1500 /
        filesys            any 1024 swap
        filesys            any free /var
  5.) Install the client as normal
        boot net:dhcp - install

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It's not supported, and it seems likely there are differences in setup 
required between 2.6 and 8 which the 8 install miniroot combined with 
the 2.6 installer doesn't handle correctly.  I'm kind of surprised you 
got as far as you did...


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