[SUMMARY] Replacing or Modifying /usr/dt/config/images/Solaris.im8

From: Stephen Waelder <waelder_at_wf.net>
Date: Wed Nov 21 2001 - 14:55:55 EST
Thanks for the help. 

I received three replies. 

One said the Solaris Logo Image can not be changed.
One said to try a jpg or gif image file.
And the answer pointed me to:


Here is the text from the afterstep web page addressing the Solaris Logo:

There is a directory /usr/dt/config/images.  In that directory there are about 5 Sun raster images. The one that is of interest here is Solaris.im8.  This is the image that displays the Welcome to Solaris in different languages.  It is a 549x515 image and if you place any raster image of similar proportions in its place, it will be displayed instead of the one with the multi lingual welcome message.  I would of course recommend keeping a backup of the original and just making symlinks to the images you want.

It works and I have the logon graphics what I want them to be.
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