SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6 on E3500

From: Lawrence Cheong <>
Date: Wed Nov 21 2001 - 00:54:22 EST
Hi gurus,
   First of all I would like to thank the gurus in this mailing list.
   I, who by nature am a Sun-certified Java programmer and has played with 
just Linux for 2 years, have attempted the feat of installing Solaris 2.6 on 
E3500, and succeeded because of the Sun managers in this mailing list.
   For the answers I do not get straight from this list, I searched on, and I got them from (you name it) SunManagers' archives. Not 
only that, searches of "can't open boot device", "boot load failed" or "fast 
data access mmu miss" point to this mailing list's archives.
   I am not the only one impressed with the few-minutes reply from this 
mailing list ;) Keep it up, Sun managers! 

   I sent 3 e-mails before this one. I have already summarized the first, so 
I shall summarize the latter two. The second is about E3500 complaining of 
"can't open boot device". Ransacking through the archives, I found out these 
proven-to-work steps.
   I got to the shell prompt by 'boot -s cdrom'. Then I 'mount 
/dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0 /a' and checked out '/a/etc/vfstab' for wrong paths and 
the like. I did not find anything, so I proceeded to 'ls -l 
/a/dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0' which gave me the actual path of the device, e.g. 


   Yes, this is a far cry from the default paths that the aliases of 
'devalias' shows to the uninitiated, e.g. 


   I used 'show-disks', selected the closest ones to the above CORRECT path, 
and 'nvalias hermesdisk' to the path. Then, 'nvstore', 'setenv boot-device 
hermesdisk' and 'boot'. ALLELUIA!
   Why didn't 'probe-scsi-all' show the hard disks? Some of the archive 
postings mentioned that this command do not work on 'modern' UNIX systems 
anymore. Is this true?

   This is the summary for my third e-mail, about 'Fast Data Access MMU 
Miss'. The posts that I have seen pointed out steps to overcome 'fast data 
access mmu miss' BEFORE the OS is installed. It seems to me that most people 
know about this 8MB vs. 4MB drama BEFORE they installed Solaris 2.6 on 
E3500. I did not.
   It took me quite some time until confirmations came in from the mailing 
list that '..if the OS is installed, start with Step XX'. That sent 
something clicking in my head. I typed 'limit-ecache-size' at the ok prompt 
and then 'boot'. This is a temporary solution until the elusive patch 
105181-XX can be installed. I patched with 105181-29.
   Many thanks to: 

Jeff Woolsey
Yura Pismerov
David Evans
Christopher Ciborowski
Darren Dunham
Ric Anderson
Randy Romero
Justin Stringfellow
Sudheesh Krishnankutty 


Lawrence Cheong
(Web developer cum half-baked sys admin)
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