SUMMARY: "spurious" break in ascii console (fwd)

From: Jordi Vidal <>
Date: Tue Nov 20 2001 - 03:17:00 EST
	Thanks to

Davorin Bengez      
Julian Simpson     
Peter Stokes     
Will Parsons   
and many others

This is standard behavior. (Is not a bug, is a feature! :)

The best solution for me is uncomment this line in /etc/default/kbd
# Uncomment the following line to enable a non-BREAK alternate
# serial input device abort sequence:

and reboot

Only affects serial tty, not keyboard, no suitable if running ppp o slip

Now the abort sequence is 
<carriage><asciitilde><CTL-B>   ("<cr>~^b")

In Enterprise Server it's possible also to ignore breaks turning front key
to secure position.

In the FAQ is explained how to disable break.


> 	I've an Entreprise 250 server. Attached to serial port A (ascii
> terminal) I use a Linux PC with the minicom terminal program. When
> I shut down the PC the Entreprise freezes as if received a break
> caracter. If I restart the PC and minicom it shows the "ok" prompt
> and a "go" restore normal operation.


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