SUMMARY: OT: Searchable SunManagers list archive

From: Robert Alexander <>
Date: Sat Nov 17 2001 - 00:23:47 EST
Hi again, everyone.

Well, within minutes of posting about the searchable archive I'd written, I had been informed about two others that already exist.  Wow, I had no idea...

The archives all seem to have their various pros and cons in, for example, ease of use, speed, completeness of dataset, etc.  Guess it'll be up to each admin to decide which one best suits their particular style, or their needs at the time.

I think we're fortunate to have such a wealth of good info available to us. 

The archives I (now) know about are at:

mine at

and the one on the site which is quite complete, but not (yet) searchable.

As you've seen from Bill's recent "ADMIN" posting, my program is going to become the one used on the SunManagers site.  We've exchanged a couple mails on the subject.  

Thanks Bill, I'm flattered.  :>

As I said in one of my mails, "being a total git (that's "Guru In Training")  :>   I've gotten a lot of *very* valuable information from the SunManagers list" -- so, if this helps out, that's great.

I mentioned in my previous posting that it's currently running on a not-too-bad box, but on a slow connection.  This is a temporary arrangement; I really wanted to do a bit of testing under actual traffic.  Actually, it's holding up not too badly since going 'semi-public' earlier today.

Give it a try -- tell me what you like, what you don't, and if anything blows up. :>

Thanks everyone. 


>Hi Gurus,
>Just want to make a very brief announcement.
>I've seen a few mentions in the past of the desire for a searchable archive of SunManagers.  I've wanted one, too. :>
>So, being <ahem> 'between contracts' right now, I decided finally to write one.  I've actually been saving summaries for quite a while in anticipation of doing this some day.
>The archive is at
>It's fully searchable on Subject or Body, on From, and by date range. It's running on a reasonably decent box (an Ultra 1), but on a fairly slow connection.  The pages are quite compact, though, so as long as not everybody hits it at once, it should give pretty decent performance. :>
>Written in Perl with MySQL as the backend.  The archive is updated in real-time as the mails arrive, so it should always be up-to-the-minute.
>Take a minute and let me know what you think -- it's a work in progress, and feedback is appreciated.
>Thanks, all!
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