SUMMARY: Redirecting Console Error Messages to file

From: Destry Miller/SF <>
Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 14:27:55 EST
Original Question:

>>> Destry Miller/SF 11/09/01 12:04PM >>>
We're having a problem with a lot of error messages being generated and sent to the console. Is there an easy way to have all the error messages redirected to a file instead of the console? We're running various Suns on Solaris 8.

Thanks in advance and I will summarize,

I got lots of responses, almost all gave me some advice and pointed me to man syslog. I'm including the most complete response.  I got one alternate response using console Xterm logging.


>>> Thomas Knox <> 11/09/01 12:16PM >>>

What kind of error messages? If they're logged via syslog, edit /etc/syslog.conf (make sure to use TABS, not SPACES). Determine which type of errors you are getting (kern.err, daemon.err, user.err, mail.err, etc), and add a line like this (using user.err as an example):

user.err	/my/user/log/file

If there is anther line in the syslog.conf file that will also match, remove the type of error from that line. Then "kill -HUP pid" where pid is the PID of syslogd.

Otherwise use 2>/my/error/file for commands and scripts.


>>> "Carsten B. Knudsen" <> 11/12/01 01:44AM >>>

Hi Destry,

  An immediate Q&D solution that springs to mind is to run a console
Xterm with logging, something like:

	# xterm -C -l -lf /var/log/console.log

good luck,


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