SUMMARY: Root disk

From: Simon Thompson <>
Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 13:25:02 EST
Thanks to:
Darren Dunham
Christophe Dupre

Add temporary new disk in new location for root disk
boot -r
Edit vfstab file
shutdown system,
remove temporary disk
move root disk
Reboot machine

Also, I needed to modify the nvalias for the SCSI device in the Prom so that
it would always boot from the new disk location.

As I suspected, Disksuite wasn't happy, but that's what backups are for!


> > For technical reasons I need to move a SCSI disk out of a Multipack and
> > a Unipack on a different SCSI chain. The problem being that the disk I
> > to move is the root disk for the machine.
> >
> > Am I right in thinking that if I change the vfstab file to point to the
> > SCSI id for the disk, power off the machine, move the disk and then do a
> > boot -r StringToPointToNewDiskLocation
> >
> > then the machine should come up OK?
> Actually, it may not.  Since it needs to see the "device" for the disk
> before it mounts it read-write, it won't have a chance to do it at
> reconfiguration time.
> The best way to try this is to do a reconfig boot *now* with some disk
> visible at the address where you will move the root disk to.  That will
> put the devices on the root disk now.
> Later when it appears in that position, the device will be present.

It should come up OK one. To make it permanent, you want to put
StringToPointToNewDiskLocation into the boot-disk EEPROM variable also.

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