Summary: IP Multipathing

From: David Baldwin <>
Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 12:37:52 EST
It appears that ipmp is not available for versions of Solaris earlier
than 8.
There are other options though, Sun trunking being one.  VCS from
Veritas is another.  And, yet another is AP (alternate Pathing) from
Sun.  Veritas and Sun solutions tend to be expensive for a simple

I am going to check out a perl script from Dale Sides that he calls "the
poor man's cluster".  From what he says it should work great.

The problem that has arisen now is that most of these solutions appear
to work only on the physical layer and the Net engineer says we need to
consider the network layer as well, so we are looking at routed.
Apparently the NetBSD version of routed that he is looking into covers
RIPv2, which is important for the project.  I looked at the man page for
routed on Solaris and saw no mention of RIP other than in description.

So to find a more robust version of routed is the deal I guess.
We also looked at gated but I think he found some issues that were not
acceptable from a network Engineers POV.

Thanks for all the suggestions

Dave Baldwin

> Hi,
> This will be quick.
> Is IP multipathing software available for Solaris 7 and if so where
> I get it.
> I don't see any references in the PDF from
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