SUMMARY: SUNExplorer and NT [un]Tar

From: Dave Warchol <>
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 14:33:15 EST
Many many thanks to all who responded so quickly:

John Riddoch
Patricio Mora
Bertrand Hutin
Modrego K
M. Lambrechts
Tony Walsh
Muhammad Salman Faheem
Robert Reynolds
Tajinder Panesar
Tony Tibbenham
Deependra Srivastava
Thomas Lester
John Marrett
Adrian Stovall
Paul Adams
David Foster, and,
Frank Huang 

Solutions fell into three camps:

1.  WinZip, WinZip and WinZip
2.  cygwin, and,
3. WinTAR

I followed Patricio Mora's advice below and it worked like a charm.

"Rename xxx-tar.gz to xxx.tar.gz and winzip will extract the tar contents automatically."

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Subject: SUNExplorer and NT [un]Tar

Hello everyone:
          I apologize in advance for the slightly off topic question.  We
are running SUN Explorer each each day on all of our SUN boxes and then
ftp'ing the resulting tar's to two boxes (one SUN and one NT) afterwards.
We haven't been able to find something that can utar the files on the NT
server (in the event that this was the only box that we could get at the
metadata).  Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks much,

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