Summary: Blade video

From: Stuart Whitby <>
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 14:07:09 EST
Original question:

> I'm trying to be cheap and get a non-Sun monitor for a 
> Blade 100.  It appears to be a standard VGA connector on
> the back, but it won't sync with the monitor from my 
> Ultra 10 and a decent Iiyama has a similar problem.
> Does anyone know if it's possible to check and/or define
> graphics specs for CDE from the command line?  I'd like 
> to try fixing this to something that both monitor and 
> system support before buying a monitor.

Which is really two questions, and results in two 

The command needed to fix video resolution is m64config.
I'm glad to say it's not obvious since I'd searched on 
*vid*, *disp* etc, but found nothing :)  afbconfig and
fbconfig may also help, but I didn't have to try them to 
get this working.

There's also a site which lists some third party hardware
confirmed to work with Sun:

Thanks to the following for their answers:
Lars Hecking
Rainer Heilke
Peter Ondruska
Hichael Morton
Paul Tader
Sergio Gelato
Fred Hall
Geoff Lane


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