SUMMARY: Netscape 6

From: Darryl Pace <>
Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 12:12:32 EST
I received about 15 replies to the email below.  All, with
the exception of one, said that Netscape 6 performs horribly.
It is extremely slow, and uses up large amounts of system
resources.  Suggested solutions to my problem were to go to
Netscape 4.xx  or to use Mozilla (  Also,
Joe Fletcher stated the following:

There's a chance that what you are seeing is a problem recognised with
Netscrape on Tru64 and HP-UX 64 bit. What happens is some java component of
Netscape goes into a spin and just chews up everything it can get. You can
even kill the browser and be left with a process (usually has rot13 in the
ps listing) eating CPU. The problem has been around for years and apparently
never been fixed.

You will see the problem in an exagerated sense due to the relatively poor
performance of the Ultra II CPU ( compared with Alpha and PA-RISC).

There was also another problem seen on Tru64 whereby the first invocation of
NS by any user produced a very long initialistion time. Again the process
uses as much CPU as it can get. If left it all calms down and subsequent
invocations work fine. Seems Netscape and 64 bit operating systems don't
qite get along. If you are running Solaris in 32bit mode then these problems
may not apply.

This proved helpful.  After rebooting the system in 32-bit mode, things ran
much better.  However, we still decided to go back to Netscape 4.xx.

-- Darryl

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Are any of you using Netscape 6?  We've tried to serve it
to users via Sun Rays from an E4500 with six 400 MHz CPUs,
and 6 GB of RAM.  If greater than 5 or 6of the Netscape 6
processes are started simultaneously, they grind the machine
very nearly to a complete halt.  The performance becomes
unacceptably poor.  The resource hit the hardest is the CPU
resource.  All 6 get maxed out (0% idle) and processes
begin backing up in the run queue.  Have any of you had similar
experiences with Netscape 6?  Did you find a solution, or
did you just ditch Netscape 6 and go back to a previous
version?  Is there a patch out there for Netscape 6 that
addresses poor performance?

-- Darryl
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