SUMMARY: Strange behavior of @

From: Ladislav Kostal <>
Date: Mon Nov 12 2001 - 10:00:48 EST
Thanks to Carsten B. Knudsen, Casper Dik, Lieven Marchand, Jacob Ritorto.


This is the original default behaviour on many (most System V based)
Unix versions, where "@" is the line kill character. On BSDs, Linux and
most other recent systems, line kill is bound to ctrl-U by default. It
can be changed with

stty kill "^U" (this is either [ctrl-U] or [caret followed by U])

or from X-session (e.g. dtterm):

dtterm -tm "kill ^u" &


> In some applications typing @ (Shift +2) causes deleting all to beginning
> of the line (elm, ssh) - so it is not possible to write e-mail address or
> password containg character @.

Ladislav Kostal

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