SUMMARY: system hang during boot (originally Easy way to hang a system)

From: <>
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 08:46:15 EST
This is a "repost" of significant problem caused by an insignificant file.

  6800 with two domains (though system type is really unimportant)
  reboot both domains
  First domain (A) hangs, second (C) starts OK. 
  boot -sv show system hangs after CPU probes
  18 hours later (lots of pissed users) had to restore by
     remove  (D1000) disk from A
     insert disk into C
     restore / to disk
     put disk back into A
     system back boots but had to reconfigure VxVM

Because it hung at the CPU  probe the Sun Install/Boot types thought
it had to do with some device or /etc/system.  We eliminated all 
non-essential drives and /etc/system entries with no success.

Here's the kicker: it was caused by setting variables using double
quotes in /etc/default/init (i.e. LC_TYPE=3D"C"), which we did
per a Sun support solution. Local SSE found the problem (long 
after we recovered  /)  The problem can be reproduced with
ease. It takes actually setting a variable, just double quotes are not 
enough. We're amazed that a insignificant files (that has defaults 
anyway) could be allowed to cause such problems.  I've gotten the 
impression Sun has know about  this for some time.


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