SUMMARY: nfssrv: WARNING: nfsauth: mountd not responding

From: Daniel Lorenzini <>
Date: Fri Nov 02 2001 - 16:14:21 EST

I would like to thank Thomas Anders, Simon Convey and Karl Vogel for
their replies.  They gave me suggestions that the problem might be port
scans, mountd disappearing, or too many open files.  

I put a new recommended patch cluster on, but the messages did not
disappear.  However, the idea that it might be a port scan (which is
unlikely, given that this is an internal network) got me to thinking
that it might be network-related.  As it happens, we were having
trouble with part of this subnet.  Since that was fixed, the errors
have not recurred.

My suspicion is that some kind of network anomaly (damaged or dropped
packets, etc.) can disrupt the mount protocol (which is primitive),
resulting in this type of failure.  NFS operations would also be
affected.  This would also explain why there is no documented "fix" for
this "bug".

As always, kudos to the list.


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Original question:

I have an E250 NFS file server running Solaris 7, Generic_106541-12,
which is giving out this error message every few minutes:

	nfssrv: WARNING: nfsauth: mountd not responding

The machine seems to be up but NFS service does not appear to be
working well.  Clients are coming up with "server not responding/server
ok" or "mountd/RPC timed out" messages, causing major problems.  The
client machines are running Solaris 2.6.

The E250 is a dual 400 Mhz with 256 MB memory and 1 GB configured.  The
machine gets used fairly heavily at times, but up to now has not
exhibited this behavior.  I checked sunsolve but can't find any patches
relevant to the above message.  If anyone knows what this means, please
let me know.  Thanks.

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