Summary: Solaris DNS vs. Windows DNS

From: David Baldwin <>
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 15:53:04 EST
You all rule! (about 28 so far)
General consensus is MSDNS is broken (sucks, crappy, bad idea)
UNIX bind 9.x is capable of all the "extensions" that M$ has
implemented, but UNIX isn't broken.

So I *can* use DHCP with bind 9.x and have the clients dynamically
update the DNS records, but I should/will not implement that headache.
According to your many great suggestions, doing so will most likely
allow the windows clients to break the DNS server and open up security
Many people mentioned that they are doing this right now and it works

Following is a "sum up" of the replies I got;

Solaris/UNIX has less dependencies than M$ DNS
All windows clients require is dynamic updates, which BIND 9 supports.
(Not recommended)
What the hell are you thinking (running critical apps on windows)
M$ is Non-Standard
Some Solaris programs that rely on DNS do not work properly with MSDNS
MSDNS is not able to use wildcards like BIND can
	Letting windows clients register their connection is insecure
and unnecessary
	UNIX bind is less susceptible to DNS spoofing attacks because of
BIND allowing signed zone transfers and using non-predictable DNS query
If your company uses AD with DNS and/or exchange, your screwed (I'm
You should set up sub-domains and point child DNS servers for each
sub-domain to a master MSDNS server
Look at MS knowledge base for DNS and count the number of resolutions
that involve restarting the DNS service.
Even an AD course instructor recommends staying away from MSDNS because
it is too flaky
And I quote, "Average uptime here for Windows servers: 14 days. Average
uptime here for UNIX: 340 days."
Try "Network Registra" from Cisco

There were too many people to mention but every response was/is greatly
appreciated and very helpful.
If I can elaborate further for anyone what I learned, please let me

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About the politics, everyone basically recommended to just do my job and
not bother.
Thanks again

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