From: Darvin Pope <>
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 14:02:40 EST
OK, best answer i've found and my favorite method so far:

The ATL2000 Series libraries recognize the 3 of 9 label.  Thanks to one of 
the generous persons on the list, i have a copy of the font which works 
great.   The label must be demarcated with *'s, so OFF001 would be *OFF001* 
in barcode-eese.  In microsoft word, this causes problems if you dont turn 
off autoformatting.   Bold barcode labels are about useless.

The font fits best on the 3/4 by 2 3/16 format in 48 pt font, which leaves 
enough room for a human-readable text label below.   You should also use 6 
characters, no more, no less [Apparently].

Im using "Wausau Exact Bristol" 67 lb paper to print on.  Goes through our 
laser printer just fine and the text & barcodes maintain their readability, 
as long as you don't touch the labels with fingers you just ate something 
greasy with.   Plus, the surplus paper makes great airplanes.


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