SUMMARY: in.dhcpd problem

From: Darryl Pace <>
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 02:05:28 EST
	My original email is below.  I received one reply, which
was from Darren Dunham, and he hit the nail on the head.  His reply
Already in use....Are you running a bootp server?
"ps -ef | grep boot"

While solaris doesn't come with one, the jetadmin stuff from HP does
come with a bootp server.  They use the same port, so you can only use
one or the other.

bootpd was running on the server.  I killed that process and all
worked perfectly.  Thanks, Darren!

-- Darryl

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Subject: in.dhcpd problem

	On an E4500 running Solaris 7, I am attempting to
upgrade Sunray software from version 1.2 to version 1.3.
Sunrays were running successfully on version 1.2.  However,
after upgrading to 1.3 the dhcp daemon will not start.
When I try to add an interface using utadm, the dhcp daemon
croaks.  When I manually do what the utadm script is trying
to do, here's what happens (I added the -d and -v options
for debugging and verbosity):

# /usr/lib/inet/in.dhcpd -dv             
 Daemon Version: 3.1
 Maximum relay hops: 4
 Run mode is: DHCP Server Mode.
 Datastore: files
 Path: /var/dhcp
 DHCP offer TTL: 10
 ICMP validation timeout: 1000 milliseconds, Attempts: 2.
(errno: 125) BIND: Address already in use
(errno: 125) Cannot configure any interfaces.
 Daemon terminated.

When I run "ps -ef | grep dhcp", nothing shows up.  When
I truss the command, I get the following:

3787/1:		so_socket(2, 1, 0, "", 1)			= 4
3787/1:		setsockopt(4, 65535, 32, 0xFFBEFAB4, 4, 1)	= 0
3787/1:		bind(4, 0xFFBEFAA4, 16, 3)			Err#125 EADDRINUSE
3787/1:			AF_INET  name =  port = 67
3787/1:		fstat(-1, 0xFFBEEA68)				Err#9 EBADF
3787/1:		open("/dev/conslog", O_WRONLY)			= 5

However, when looking for used ports with the netstat command,
port number 67 does not show up.

I believe I have applied all relevant patches (but, if you
have any suggestions for patches, please forward them).  Do
you have any suggestions on how I might solve, circumvent,
or further troubleshoot this problem?

Thanks for your help.

-- Darryl
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