SUMMARY:ftp mkdir with setGID directory

From: Lisa Weihl <>
Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 15:53:12 EST
This summary is WAY overdue with my original question being asked in May.

Original question:

I have a SparcStation 20 set up for students to use for a 
course.  Directories are set to have the GID bit on to force file creation 
inside of the directories to have the same group as the directory.  As such:

drwxr-s---    someuser   webgroup	someuserdir

This enables the webserver and instructors to see the directory but 
students can't see each other's directories.


FTP clients (Unix or PC) don't seem to be able to preserve the setGID bit 
upon upload of a folder or creation of a directory.  The box is running 
Solaris's built-in FTP server.


The problem turned out to be that Sun's FTP server was not robust enough to 
preserve the setGID bit convention.  I installed proftp ( 
and the problem was solved.

Thanks to all who provided suggestions.
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