SUMMARY: Q: Solaris 2.6, DiskSuite 4.2 & "logging UFS" setup (migration from non-logging disksuite setup)

From: Tim Chipman <>
Date: Tue Oct 30 2001 - 14:01:53 EST
Many thanks to Brett Lymn, Matthew Stier and Joost Muldners for replies
to my query (original posting below).

The concensus: Assuming there is one unallocated slice available
on a disk in a given server, steal a bit of space from the swap
partition (assuming no free space already exists) and re-assign to
a new dedicated slice for logging via DiskSuite. Apparently 64 megs of
space is plenty.

Alas, in my case, none of the solaris 2.6 boxes have unallocated slices,
so I can't go this route. Looks like I get to wait a bit longer,
probably will migrate the machines to solaris 8 sometime "eventually"
and deal with the issue then.

Thanks again for the responses,

Tim Chipman

---original question---

> Hi all,
> I'm curious if folks with direct experience in setup of "logging UFS"
> (trans-metadevice based) under solaris 2.6 via DiskSuite 4.2 could
> comment on my quandry.
> I've got a few solaris 2.6 boxes (450's, 3500, ultra5's) which currently
> are using DiskSuite already for mirrored disks ("OS slices") as well as
> some (moderately small) Raid5 disk arrays for "data".  As configured,
> there is no space space on any disks (ie, no unallocated space). None of
> these systems have been configured to take advantage of "logging UFS"
> type features available via disksuite through trans-metadevices for
> `transaction logging'
> I'm rather curious if there is a moderately painless way to enable
> logging UFS/TransMetaDevice features without having to  destroy
> entire disk setups, rebuilding disk layouts from scratch,
> and restoring from backup.  I *would* be quite happy if there was a
> non-destructive way of adjusting my settings (even if it resulted in
> loss of some currently allocated storage space)...
> Alas, everything I've read after trawling through SunSolve, and also
> through numerous tutorials found via Google, suggests that dedicating
> space is a requirement, and that there is no "painless" way to simply
> migrate to the logging UFS.
> (ie - in solaris 8, you simply enable the "logging" flag in /etc/vfstab
> -- the height of simplicity! :-)
> If anyone has comments or pointers on this (ie, "it can't be done" -->
> "sure, easy pie, just do this ...") --- I certainly very much would
> appreciate hearing from you.
> Thanks very much,
> Tim Chipman
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