SUMMARY: "HSRPlike" solaris setup

From: David Baldwin <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 15:58:07 EST
It looks like clustering is the answer.
Many suggested VCS.  Suns clustering software seemed like a second
Thanks to:
Ray McCaffity
Timothy Lorenc
Steve Mickeler
Harry Ford
Robert Lyle
John Martinez
And anyone else who replys later.
Dave Baldwin
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From: David Baldwin 
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Subject: "HSRPlike" solaris setup
I have been asked whether or not Solaris supports setting up an HSRP
like environment.  We need a setup that will allow two servers with two
physical ip addresses to advertise a third ip that is common between the
two.  I have heard that the HSRP protocol does this with routers but can
Solaris do this?  I have searched and google but no luck.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
Dave Baldwin
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