Summary : Cross platform data acces WIN2K SOLARIS IRIX

From: Anil Sreedharan <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 14:01:41 EST

Thanks to everybody who replied

I found the suggestion from Joe Rice [] really useful,
cause we have macs here and they also need access to the same data, i
got samba and Kshare working now.

Thank u all.
David Foster []
Jason Wood []
Michael Kalus []
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Wesley Suess []
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Terje J. Hanssen []
Kent Perrier []

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we have the same situation in our environment.  Our Sun servers
run samba to serve up to the windows machines and NFS to serve up
to the Irix machines.  And as an added bonus our Sun servers also
server to Macs via Xinet's KShare.  We are a 3d movie making studio
with a very high demand on our servers.  4 Sun 220Rs connect via SAN
to 4 Terabytes of storage.  It all works really well.


Anil Sreedharan(, Oct 26, 2001 at
10:27:29AM -0700:
> Hi guys, 
> We have a certain software that runs on WIN2k, the data generated
> to be accesed by SUN and SGI boxes. In order to achieve this we need
> host a volume on a sun box which shd be mountable on WIn2k SOlaris and
> IRIX boxes. If any of u gurus have any suggestions please advise me. 
> sincerely
> anil 
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