summary : copy file from DOS to Solaris .

From: Dhotre, Shekhar <>
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 10:09:04 EDT
 Thanks to  all who replied
procedure follows 


1. insert diskette
2. mount /pcfs
3. cd pcfs
4. dos2unix <file> <destination/file>
5. umount /pcfs
6. remove diskette

you'll have to specify a destination AND a filename when using dos2unix
If you want to do the other way (copy to diskette) use unix2dos
Dos formatted diskettes should be automatically mounted by vold on old
Suns. On recent suns, use volcheck to inform Solaris that a floppy has been
If the floppy check is disabled in /etc/vold.conf, mount it manually with
mount -F pcfs /dev/fd0 mount-point.
Alternatively you can use the mtools package, containing command like the
AIX ones. This package should be available on

from :
Matt Morris:  and Matthew Stier []

to insert a floppy, type 'volcheck -v'   your disk should be then mounted in
/floppy/floppy0.  You can do normal ls, cd, cp, mv commands to/from the
floppy.  BEFORE you push the eject button, type 'eject floppy' and it will
unmount it for you.

From amith Mahajan:
Just use cp command to copy file from the floppy to the current directory
and then use dos2unix command to convert it to unix format.
same for unix to dos conversion use unix2dos command.

David Foster [] : Rodrigo Gesswein
[]Marius []
Adam Bisbe [] suggested to use mtools :

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