[Summary] 36GB 10k rpm internal disk drive for the Ultra 60

From: Tony Tran <tonytran_at_contour.com>
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 13:33:45 EDT
Many thanks to the following people:
Stacy Nash <Stacy.Nash@verizonwireless.com>
Michael Horton <mh1272@yahoo.com>
David Wambolt <david.wambolt@npawest.com>
Marc Baldus <rbaldus@e-one.com>
Patrick Turner <patturner@traverse.com>
Josheph Herpers <joeh@stsolutions.com>
Matthew Briggs <mbriggs@switchboard.net>

Basically there are 2 choces of 1" disk drives, one from Seagate and the
other from Fujitsu. They are:

Fujistsu MAJ3364M (390-0051) 3 1/2" 10k rpm single ended Ultra wide SCSI (A23)
Seagate  ST336704LC (390-0050)  3 1/2" 10k rpm single ended Ultra wide SCSI 

They all have sunpart # 5242A  (for Ultra SCSI) internal disk with SCA interface
[Note the X6724A is for the FC (fiber channel) which I am not interested]
Please also note that the Seagate ST136403LC (pn # 390-0020) is also the
36 GB 10k RPM but it is 1 5/8" high and it is meant for the StoEdge A1000
or D1000, not really meant to go into the Ultra 60 internal slot .


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