SUMMARY: Mounting Problem...

From: Neville Gordon <>
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 11:41:19 EDT
Thanks everyone

Apparently I have have some more reading to do :-). The suggestion and fix
from almost everyone was to remove /home out of the /etc/auto_master file. 

John F. Kastler provided the little description below:

Automounter is your culprit.  If you are not using it then you need to kill
the process and turn it off from the startup scripts.  It's purpose it to
take filesystems that are normally added to vfstab, like home directories,
and mount them when they are needed.  When they are no longer needed it
unmounts the filesystem.

After removing the entry and rebooting the box, the system was fine. :-)

Thanks again everyone. Too many to mention but you know who you are.

neville gordon

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Morning Guys:

We have a Solaris 5.7 installed and working fine until recently it began
using /home on the root FS as a mount point. There are no files in the
directory when this happens mounting of /home is done everytime we reboot
the box. . We have checked mnttab and vfstab and there are no entries for
it. When we run mount the mount point is not present however we can use
umount to unmount it. If anyone can tell us what is causing this and how to
stop it, we will greatly appreciate it.
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