SUMMARY: Stale File Handlers

From: Frederiksen, Paul <>
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 09:56:02 EDT
Original question follows. I had a TON of responses thanks to EVERYONE who
responded. Possible Solutions:
1) Reboot
2) Restart the NFS Daemons (Client)
3) use the fuser command
4) Remove the unwanted entry out of /etc/mnttab

Unfortunatly I have not been able to test out these options. They will be
tested out on sunday by the SA of that machine, though I have a feeling that
a reboot is in order, but I will let you all know what was needed to be done
to resolve the issue. Thanks again!


I know this isn't really a SUN issue but an HP problem. We have an HP/UX
10.20 system that has stale mounts. We are unable to umount these
filesystems, and given the stale file handler error. We CANNOT reboot this
machine, it is very critical to our operations. Are there any other
solutions out there besides rebooting the machine. Sorry for being a little
off topic but I am in a bit of a crunch. TIA


Paul Frederiksen
NETCONN Solutions
System Engineer
office - 717.267.9254

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