SUMMARY poweroff vs halt vs shutdown

From: Gerhard den Hollander <>
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 08:09:59 EDT
my question (shortened for brevity) was:

> Does poweroff/halt indeed unmount all drives ?
> (the other drives on the system were cleanly unmounted according to the
> bootlog).
> If so, why was I still seeing diskactivity when the machine powered down ?
> What is the difference between halt, poweroff and shutdown ?

The answers:
Yes, poweroff and halt sync and unmount the drives
I was seeing diskactivity because the kernel waits for all diskacivity to
stop before powering off.
Most likely what I saw was the last disk being active and when that
activity stopped the machine powered off.

The difference between halt, poweroff and shutdown:

poweroff is the same as halt, but it also powers off the machine
Shutdown also runs the shutdown scripts (in rc0) to gracefully terminate
all running processes (databases and other ncie things).

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