SUMMARY : LOM - AC200 Netra

From: SANTHAKUMAR Siva-Syntegra AU <>
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 19:01:03 EDT
Sorry for the delay in summarising,

First thanks to the fellow admins:
    Hswe Barbra
    Ryan McEwan
    Edward Scown
    Gary Losito
    Malloy Jim
  and a special one for Tony Walsh whose quick responses and suggestions
pointed me in the right way. 

The steps worked for me.

1. I have unplugged and plugged-in the serial cable back.
2. You have to be patient when you hit break key (ctrl + break in my case)
and try it when system booting process started (not in LOM) until you get OK
3. Set the boot-device to disk.
4. Set the diag-device to disk.

Have a good day

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> Fellow Admins,
> I have seen this before on this list but not the correct summary on this
> yet. My problem is my AC200(brand new) is scrolling up with the message
> "Time out waiting for ARP/RARP packet". I can not break in to change
> anything. Tried .#, #. and poweron (I not getting lom> prompt). I am using
> wyse terminal connected via LOM/serial a.
> Any help much appreciated. I will summarise.
> Thanks 
>  <<Siva S Santhakumar (Santha).vcf>> 

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