SUMMARY: Storage lists

From: Jeff Kennedy <>
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 13:32:14 EDT
Thanks to the following:
Ken Germann		David Evans
Jeffrey Pyne		Ian Brooker
John Martinez		John Hilger
Derrick Daugherty	Steve Hastings
Richard Bond

I received 2 lists that seem to be generic SAN lists (ie, not
vendor/product specific). They are:

A vendor/product specific list is:

As to opinions on XioTech, a few people heard of it but that was all.  A
couple others actually looked at it and decided against it.  One is
still in eval with 3 vendors but likes the other 2 better.



Jeff Kennedy wrote:
> I am looking for a storage list that would cover SAN and NAS storage.
> Does anyone know of one?
> I will also post a question regarding this since many of you also deal
> in this.  Has anyone ever heard of XioTech?  It is a SAN box from
> Seagate that we have purchased mostly for the Novell and NT side of the
> business, but now we are looking at SAN for the Unix side as well.
> Originally we were interested primarily in HDS but having a box in-house
> provides a resistant path to change.
> My real issue with this is the history of it.  So far it has performed
> fine with Novell and NT and even with a few Sun boxes we threw at it,
> but the fact that none of us, nor our VAR, had heard of it before is
> somewhat off-putting.  HDS has a proven track record whereas XioTech
> just got on the track.  Any experiences?
> Thanks.
Jeff Kennedy
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