SUMMARY: 500MHz Netra X1 network install

From: Mika Tuupola <>
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 11:07:28 EDT
	Thanks to all who answered:
	John Malick <>
	Peter Stokes <>
	Aleksandr Stolyar <>

	I had problems trying to boot net a new 500MHz version
	of Netra X1 with 01/01 Solaris 8 install image with
	Netra mis patches.
	Suggested solutions.

	"You need Solaris 8 4/01 or higher..."
	"go for 07/01 version which works fine with the Blade."
	"download latest Netra X1 drivers."

	I ended up downloading the latest Netra mis patches / drivers from

	Even though I had these previously patched to the install Image,
	the fresh driver package had some new updated patches. After
	patching these to the install Image the X1 boot netted fine.

	Original question:

	I have a network install server from which I can successfully
	net boot / install older 400MHz Netra X1's. However when trying
	to net boot a newer 500MHz model it allways dies with:

	"(Can't load tod module) Program terminated."

	The install image was made from 01/01 Solaris 8 and has the 
	needed mis1.netra-x1 patches installed.

	So obviously something has changed with the new 500MHz models.
	How can I make my network install work with the new models?

Mika Tuupola            

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