SUMMARY: Sun Netra's dual ethernet interfaces and failover capability

From: Debbie Tropiano <>
Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 11:43:12 EDT
Folks -

Whoa!!  I had two replies before I even saw my original post!!  :-)

Anyway, I haven't read it yet but it seems the Sun BluePrint at discusses
IPMP (IP MultiPathing) which is "available on Solaris 8 in release
10/00 or newer".

Thanks to all who replied,

My original request:
> The netra boxes have 2 10/100 ethernet interfaces.  Lets say you have both
> connected to the same lan segment and have them both configured to exist on
> the same ip subnet.  How could we configure them to provide some redundancy
> in communications to local devices?  Would we configure each interface to
> have a unique IP address or is there a way for the solaris kernel to provide
> a failover capability natively?  We are trying to come up with an opinion as
> to how much network hardware redundancy we would need (and be able to use) at
> some remote sites that we are managing.
> We do know about the Sun clustering software.  Would that alone (without
> additional hardware) provide failover capability?
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