SUMMARY: Standalone External DNS Recommendations

From: Owens, Blaine C <>
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 14:39:00 EDT
I summarize what we basically plan to do. Thanks to:
Henrik Huhtinen
Brent Killion
Jay Lessert
Sergio Gelato
Mike Peppard
Bill Mooney
Andrew Stueve
Adrian Blount
Vincent Power
Alex Slade
Randy Romero
1) Start with a minimal install

2) We compiled BIND 9.1.3 from the source and then distributed (Jumpstart)
it to the DNS servers. Several recommended alternatives to BIND - djbdns
(, tinydns. It was also recommended to run DNS in a
chrooted jail.

3) Harden the system, you only want to run DNS and possibly ssh
There are several tools and documents available to assist you in hardening a
Solaris system:
Solaris ASET

4) If going to use ssh also implement TCPWrappers
5) Tripwire
6) Have the external DNS servers be cache servers from an Internal DNS
server which is authoritative.
7) Remove any unneeded accounts from passwd.

8) Put the machine(s) on a switch vs hub.

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