SUMMARY: Strange ls behaviour

From: Fletcher, Joe <>
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 13:23:06 EDT
Thanks go to Jed Dobson, David Evans and Brad Young (so far) Some of the
files have non-printable characters in the name as shown by ls -lb.
Specifically where it appears I have two directories with the same name I do
in fact have Dir1 and Dir1\015 

Seems the cause may be a Windoze based ftp program.



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I've got a directory that is behaving strangely. The output from ls has a
strange layout ie it's scattered in random columns. There are two
subdirectories which apparently have the same name. Only one shows up in ls
but both show up in "ls -l". Also the output from ls -l looks normal, unlike
ls with no options. There was a file which apparently had no name though
I've now deleted it using it's inode number.

I don't think it's a hack. The recent exploits that installed root kits had
a fault in the replacement ls executable which meant that files with 01 in
the name didn't show up. That's not happening here. The /bin/ls and
/usr/bin/ls executables are the same size, date and checksums match another
system not exhibiting the problem.

I've fsck'd the filesystem. No errors were reported. The filesystem is a SDS
mirror. Metastat indicates no problems. O/S is Solaris 8 
patched upto 108528-09.

Any ideas for possible causes of the wierdness and fixes?


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