SUMMARY: E220R reset problems

From: Auteria Wally Winzer Jr. <wally.winzer_at_ChampUSA.COM>
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 19:05:05 EDT
First, I'd like to thank the following individuals who responded to this thread:

Randy Romero "<"
Gallagher, James (Singapore) "<>"
Bill Voight "<>"
Harrington, David B (Contractor) "<>"
William Enestvedt "<>"
Chris Kurtz "<>"

Here are their replies:

Randy Romero wrote:
"what are your bootprom settings on your 220s?"

Gallagher, James (Singapore) wrote:
"I had a similar problem to this on a E420R which may or may not be
similar to yours:
On issuing /usr/sbin/shutdown -i6 -g0 -y the processes would be stopped
as expected however the machine would then just stop and refuse to go
any further (almost all processes were stopped however it didn't do the
disks any favours). Like you I had to power down to get going again. It
turned out to be an issue with the graphics card which wasn't at all
obvious to me!
There are patches available from Sun to resolve this issue as it's known
on the E450/420R I'm not sure about the 220R."

Bill Voight wrote:
"Check your EEPROM settings.  Had a simlar problem, but can't remember the specific setting
I changed."

Harrington, David B (Contractor) wrote:
What is the PROM variable "auto-boot?" setting? It sounds like it is set to false.
The command eeprom will list all the variables."

William Enestvedt wrote:
"It may not be the same thing, but I had five E450R's doing the same thing.
It turned out to be a patch for the video board.
A side effect of applying the patch is that the CDE splash screen now
displays properly, where before the center square was reversed-video!"

Chris Kurtz wrote:
"Make sure "auto-boot?" is set to true. Sun sets this to false whenever they
do maintenance..."

As to the responses, they are:

1. The bootparams are set to true.
2. I'd already patched the graphics card (109154-09 - Synopsis: SunOS 5.8: PGX32 Graphics patch)
3. Same as number 1.
4. Same as number 1.
5. Same as number 2.
6. Same as number 1.

The solution is I received a reply from a list-user that I unfortunately deleted from my folder.
He hit the nail on the head when he stated a SUN SE came and moved the CPU and RAM in
different spots.  I opened both E220R's and noticed (which I should've seen much earlier from
the bootstrap.  I always view it in verbose mode) the CPU was in slot 2 instead of slot 1
(CPU0 vs. CPU2).  The RAM slots were completely allocated, and the graphics card was patched
the the current revision.  Once I've moved the CPU to the 1st slot on both systems everything
was back to normal.  These E220R's were purchased @ an auction.  Evidently they had 2 CPU's
yet the owner decided to sell them w/ only 1 CPU, yet that CPU was in slot 2, not slot 1.
Hence, the system wouldn't reset unless the power was recycled (key + button).
Moral to the story: Make certain the CPU is in slot 1 IF ONLY 1 CPU EXISTS ON THE SYSTEM!

Thanks to everyone that responded to my thread.  Sorry for the late summary.
I'd just finished moving the CPU's to slot 1 and tested the resetting function on
both systems from INIT 3, INIT S, and the ok prompt.

- Wally Winzer Jr.

"Auteria Wally Winzer Jr." wrote:

> I'm encountering an unusual problem w/ 2 E220R's.  Upon any reset the systems
> will not restart.  Instead, A powerdown/powerup has to be done in order for the
> systems to come up, yet it remembers the previous boot command.  I even upgraded
> the OBP to 3.31 w/ the same results on both systems.  Otherwise, everything else is fine.
> prtdiag -v indicates everything is OK.
> I'll summarize.
> - Wally Winzer Jr.

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