Summary: file size limit issue?

From: Stephen Reeves <>
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 13:52:53 EDT
> I received some very helpful suggestions.
> The problem is that we have a program that runs on NT that builds an
> output file via Samba running on Solaris to and NFS server (Auspex and
> Netapps) that initially starts out fast then slows to a crawl.  Where it
> begins to crawl has proven to be predictable.  It right above the 4 gig
> mark.
> o We upgraded Samba to 2.2.1a which was suggested.  Ran a test with the
> results being the same.
> o It was suggested Auspex may be a problem.  Thankfully we do have a
> NetApps box.  A test was done on the NetApps box but unfortunately the
> results were the same.
> o Someone suggested checking ulimit on the Solaris box.  We have unlimited
> set.
> o I tried doing a straight NT to Unix copy.  Although it didn't look quite
> right while it copied, it did complete a 5.5 gig copy.  I was able to
> verify the integrity of the file.  It looked good.
> o Not only did we try 2 different NFS vendors hardware we tried multiple
> file systems.  All the same results.
> o No problem Sun to Auspex.  We build > 4 gig routinely.
> o No problem building locally on NT.
> o Used a file system with 80 gigs available.  Space not an issue.
> Thanks to all who contributed.  It's still an open issue but all the
> responses helped to knock some of the culprits off the list.  Also helped
> me to look into things I didn't think off.  If we sort this out within the
> next couple days I'll inform the group of what we find out.
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> Subject:	file size limit issue?
> We are experiencing a problem that appears to be a file size limit.  We
> can't seem to nail down what component may be the culprit.  What happens
> is we have a process that runs on NT and outputs a large file (5 gigs) on
> our NFS server (auspex) via Samba (Version 2.0.7) running on Unix(Solaris
> 8).  Around 4 gigs the process slows down dramatically.  It has run up to
> 12 hours before we kill it.  As a test we had the same process run locally
> on NT and output locally and it finished in 1hr and 5 minutes.
> We have run this process from Windows 2000 and 98.  The Unix server is
> always Solaris 8.  We have tried one rev back on Samba with the same
> results (2.0.6).  We run the same production process on a nightly basis
> with smaller files being output without visible problems.
> Any ideas greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for any one willing to
> take time out to respond.  I will be happy to summarize.
> Thanks,
> Stephen
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