SUMMARY: limiting /tmp space

From: McCaffity, Ray <>
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 12:58:29 EDT
Thanks to about a hundred people, Sorry I'm not going to list that many
names.  :-)

Many suggested I look at the man page for tmpfs, which I did, but was pretty

Each file system type has a manpage for mount options.  For tmpfs, the
man page is mount_tmpfs.

     -o size=sz
           The sz argument controls the size of  this  particular
           tmpfs  file  system. If the argument is has a `k' suf-
           fix, the number will be interpreted  as  a  number  of
           kilobytes.  An  `m'  suffix  will  be interpreted as a
           number of  megabytes.  No  suffix  is  interpreted  as
           bytes.  In all cases, the actual size of the file sys-
           tem is the number of bytes specified,  rounded  up  to
           the physical pagesize of the system.

Whenever you use vfstab to specify options, you drop the '-o' part.

Adding a line that says size=1024m doesn't do anything for me.
What I really needed was...

swap		-		/tmp		tmpfs	-	yes

With me at least, an example is worth a thousand man pages.
Thanks again to everyone who replied.


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Subject: limiting /tmp space

I've done this before, but I can't remember the syntax
in /etc/vfstab.

If I have a swap partition of 4gig, how can I limit
/tmp to only use 1gig of it.

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