SUMMARY: CDE fails when using ldap as NS

From: Luke A. Kanies <>
Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 17:37:44 EDT
I didn't get any responses on this one, so I had a friend look it up on
SunSolve; it's bug ID 4343670.

The solution is to comment out the pam_projects library in the dtlogin

Original question is below.

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Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 16:36:10 -0500 (CDT)
From: Luke A. Kanies <>
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Subject: CDE fails when using ldap as NS

Hi Sun Managers, I have a blade 100, freshly installed, and I am trying to
use LDAP as the naming service for it.  I have everything working over the
net (ssh, telnet, etc.), but I can't log in through CDE.  I get permission
denied on /dev/fb, /dev/mouse, and /dev/kbd.  The symptoms are that I
authenticate correctly, the dtgreet screen goes away, and then the screen
flashes and dtgreet shows right back up again.

I noticed some posts a while back from Casper Dik saying that this problem
was always a hacked login binary, but this is a freshly installed system,
so that isn't really a possibility.  Also, I checked for the linkage
against, which he mentioned as indicative of a hack, and it's
not there.

I am using 07/01 sparc, and have tried it with current patches and

I install the system (I have tried it on two different Blades, so I know
it's not just the system), make a local user, and log in to verify it
works; it always does.

Then I run ldapclient, and reboot.

At this point, I can no longer log in with anyone besides root.

If I run ldapclient -u, unitializing the box, and reboot, then I can log
in again as the local user.

It seems to be somehow related to nscd; or at least, nscd is core dumping
somewhat randomly when I do this.  I have inconsistently been able to log
in as a local user when the nscd process is running, but have never been
able to while it is running.  I have never been able to log in through CDE
using an ldap account.

I have also tried copying nsswitch.files over nsswitch.conf, to see if
it's a pure nsswitch issue, but that doesn't fix it either.

Again, I can telnet/ssh/ftp to this box as an LDAP user all day, and I get
perfect behaviour including automounting and all.  It is only when I try
to log in through CDE that it fails.

I saw someone with a similar post on comp.unix.solaris, but there were no

Anyone have any ideas?  I have had this working just dandy in the past,
but not on this OS release.

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